It all started when...

Michael Sherrard and Kevin Duffy have collectively worked with youth for over 40 years. Throughout this time, they each came to see the need to train high school students in apologetics, worldview, and evangelism. Far too few youth ministries focus on teaching their students the reasons for their faith and the implications of the Christian worldview for society. That is to say, too few teenagers ever learn why their faith is true and what it means for others. But when teenagers learn why Christianity is true and how it is good for others, they become a passionate force for good in this world. Sadly, when they are not, many of them choose to walk away from their childhood beliefs upon entering university. 

So in 2012, Kevin and Micheal designed a training conference to teach pastors, parents, and those who minister to youth how to incorporate apologetics, worldview, and evangelism training into youth ministy. Both Kevin and Michael have seen firsthand the fruit that comes from teaching youth the reasons for their faith and the means of sharing this faith with others. At Beyond the Church Walls, you will learn more than just techniques and good practices for youth ministry. You will hear stories, celebrate successes, and learn from our mistakes. You will gain a vision for what ministry to high school students can look like in your church, your home, and in your communities. 

Each conference is slightly different as we bring in other well qualified speakers with extensive experience ministering to youth. So visit each conference location page for specific details concerning speakers and topics.