What our participants said about being trained in worldview, apologetics, and evangelism.



“I wish someone taught me HOW to do this before I went to college.”

Seeing the statistics on young adults leaving the church, we feel it's imperative to prepare our youth before going to college. At the conference, we learned techniques from personal experience on how to practically and conversationally share our faith and defend it. We are very grateful to have had them come to us, and we have already implemented and have seen great results from the things we learned.

I kept thinking during the training sessions, "I wish someone taught me HOW to do this before I went to college, how to take the content and apply it.” As a pastor concerned for the youth, I think that is what the church needs: the "how to." What I need as a pastor is to have my youth leaders know how to train our students so they can be a witness in their everyday life through conversations, defense, and evangelism. 

Joshua Holiday, Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda


“A burden for young people.”

I was impressed with not only our speakers knowledge of the material they presented, but also the passion in which they presented it. They truly have a burden for young people around the world. They did an excellent job of communicating the serious need for equipping high school students to be able to defend their faith, and they taught us how we, as leaders, could get started immediately equipping our students in very practical ways. 

Brian Saraney, Senior Pastor Calvary Chapel Mountainside




"But now, I have this total passion for my faith."

It has absolutely changed my life, in countless ways. I had never even accepted Christ as my Savior until several months into my involvement with our Ratio Christi group because I had a totally different perspective on Christianity. Before I started apologetics, no one had ever sat down and explained things correctly to me. I never witnessed to others because I myself had no real relationship with God. But now, I have this total passion for my faith, and my relationship with God has become precious to me. And I want to share my faith with others because I know what it’s like to not have the Truth, and I want them to have it. I want everyone to have what I now have.


"Wherever He leads me."

Whether I am witnessing to my fellow students, coworkers, or working with missions teams in my spare time, I know that God will use my background in apologetics wherever He leads me.

"This training is essential."

This training is essential. Without it, I would have surely succumbed to the desires of the world in a public school. It kept me in the Word and retaining a tight conscience. It is in every way beneficial and enriching.