Beyond the Church walls is a Ratio Christi conference dedicated to training youth leaders and parents to disciple the next generation so that they retain their faith during college and become a passionate missional force therein. 


Training Leaders to Train Students 

We are on the brink of an entire generation losing the knowledge of God. Sure, many still believe in God, upwards of 80% in fact, yet fewer than 6% actually have a biblical worldview.

It is no wonder that upon entering university or the work force young adults abandon the God they never truly knew. That must change.



Our training focuses on: 


Cultural Awareness

Who are the coming generations and what is the cultural attack on their faith?

Biblical Discipleship

How do we raise up the next generation to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ?

Social Engagement

How can we train young adults to be persuasive and gracious ambassadors of truth?



Our training is:


Hands On

Don't think "sage on a stage". The training is highly interactive. There is group discussion, role playing, problem solving, and critical thinking all accompanied by a workbook and a multimedia presentation. It is fast paced and collaborative. You've likely never been to a training like this. 

Ministry Oriented

Don't think content overload. You certainly will learn new things, but these things are intended to help you do ministry more effectively. This conference is about application of content. That is to say, it teaches you how to implement things like apologetics, theology, and worldview into youth ministry. 

Really Fun

Don't think nerdy academics. Okay, to be honest, we are a bit nerdy but in the cool kind of way. We are life long learners and love books and hobbits and such, but we have collectively spent over 40 years working with youth and know how to have a good time. Though the nature of the conference is quite serious, the atmosphere is relaxed, relational, and rejuvenating. 



Our training is for:


Pastors and Youth Ministers

Learn how to structure youth and children ministry to prepare the next generation to be faithful ambassadors.

Parents and Grandparents

Learn how to talk to your family about difficult questions and social issues.

Para-Church Organizations

Learn how to train your team to be ready to answer the difficult questions teenagers have about Christianity.



Our training looks like:


Friday 6 - 9pm

How You, Yes You, Can Help Teenagers Withstand The Cultural Attack on their Faith

Who is Generation Z?

Understanding the Nature of the Attack



Saturday 9am - 4pm

A Plan for Christian Education in the Church

The Life of the Mind and the Teenager

Rediscovering Biblical Discipleship

Free Lunch

How to Respond to the Questioner and their Questions

Practical Apologetics in Student Ministry

Next Steps: How to begin training students instead of merely teaching them.



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